For over 30 years Michael Tanner has worked with innovative technology companies as a leader of marketing, product, corporate development, sales/distribution, as CEO of a growing startup business, and as as a management consultant/advisor. He focuses on helping companies to achieve break-through growth through well-formed and well-executed strategies and go-to-market initiatives.

Michael is CMO at Chief Outsiders, a national consulting firm that brings new growth to businesses by providing seasoned senior marketing executives on a fractional basis to businesses seeking to grow. CEOs call Chief Outsiders when they are frustrated with the progress towards their vision or don’t have the time or resources to put a plan in place. Private Equity firms call Chief Outsiders when a company in their portfolio needs a level of strategic thinking and implementation to build a sustainable engine for growth greater than what they have or can bring onboard.  Advisors and Executive Coaches introduce Chief Outsiders when they know a CEO who needs a go-to-market plan which is integrated with the company’s financial and operational strategy.  The Firm’s objective is to turn clients’ potential into actionable growth plans based on a solid strategy that delivers results.

Prior to Chief Outsiders Michael led strategy and corporate development for M-Files Corp a global content management SaaS company. Previously he was VP Products and Marketing at Carrier iQ, Inc., a big data analytics company that served the mobile operator market. He was CEO at Bamboo Solutions Corporation, a collaborative application software company focused on the Microsoft SharePoint ecosystem, and Chief Strategy Officer at Edge Communications, a VoIP and infrastructure services business. Early in his career he held marketing, sales and product management leadership roles for companies such as Autodesk, Schlumberger/Applicon and two startups in the engineering software / CAD market.

During the 1990s Michael was co-founder and managing director at The Chasm Group, a well known Silicon Valley strategy consultancy where he led strategic and go-to-market programs for over 100 private and publicly held businesses across diverse markets such as enterprise application software, big data, analytics, IT infrastructure, telecommunications, content management, SaaS/PaaS, security, communications equipment, and others. His consulting work included projects for a diverse set of both large and small companies including HP, IBM, CA, Agilent, and scores of early and growth stage ventures.

Michael has also been a guest instructor at Indiana University, where he taught an MBA-level course in Technology Market Strategy, a guest lecturer at the HaaS School of Business, Santa Clara University, UC San Ramon, and the Kauffman Foundation, speaking on topics such as market adoption, technology market strategy, and others. He has been a featured keynote speaker at industry and private corporate events and has served as a board member for five software and services businesses ranging from startup to $ 100M in sales.