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Welcome to my web site!  In over 30 years working in the tech sector, I’ve done quite a bit of writing and speaking — not just blogging, but writing articles, opinion pieces, speaking at corporate events, and even a magazine column. Over time, a lot of this content has been lost. Publications have changed and hot topics of the day have come in and out of preference. So in 2015 I decided to create this site as a kind of destination site — mostly for myself — to keep a list of what I’ve been saying to the world. I plan to seek out and find some of the articles I’ve done in the past and collect them here wherever I think they may still be relevant.  Hopefully you’ll find something of interest!  I’ve worked with a lot of great thought leaders and interesting people over the years who I can only describe as ‘characters’ — entrepreneurs, brilliant engineers, sales leaders, CEOs, and investors — all working to create a better future in the business of technology. Hopefully I can leverage a lot of their energies with a  bit of my own to deliver something useful here  occasionally. Let me know what you think, and thanks for visiting!
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It’s natural to project that the latest wave of IoT connected device infrastructure will evolve in ways similar to other technology platforms. But IoT is different, and this assumption may be short-sighted.

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Companies trying to cross the chasm used to be plagued by a lack of facts to make decisions. Today, with a little bit of growth-hacking, facts can be quite plentiful. Today’s challenge is more about sifting through facts to arrive at real insight.

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I thought it might be interesting to compare what United States citizens spend to elect their leaders to what those same leaders actually spend to run the government.

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The “Minimum Viable Product” idea has taken on a life of its own. But it’s also been co-opted and used in some ways that can create poor results.

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To effectively communicate complex ideas in the technology business you need two key skills:
1.The ability to think and communicate in reasonable abstractions while retaining the knowledge of the details in your head, and,
2.The ability to communicate with passion.

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